Howdy! I wanted to share this play test report by Kai Poh about a hack of Honey Heist called Magic Swords — a micro-game where you play (you guessed it) magic swords trying to break out of a dungeon! Kai also gives us a quick peek into the flourishing Malaysian design scene — with such tantalizing teasers as a hack of Monsterhearts to emulate Crazy Rich Asians! (Yes, please!) Kai is encouraging these creators to play test, play test, play test. Which made me think of the Gauntlet. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could help test out some of these games? Anyway, I just wanted to facilitate an introduction between Kai and our community. I know I will be keeping an eye out for more posts and games from Kai! Cheers!

Originally shared by Kai Poh

Malaysian designer OneRudeFlowers made a hack of Honey Heist and it’s about Magic Swords breaking out of prison! Elisha and I did an Actual Play recording of it and you can find out how it plays for a one-on-one session. You can read about our experience and download the playtester packet at my blog:

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