Kia ora~~!

Kia ora~~!

Kia ora~~!! We’re very pleased to celebrate Todd Nicholas and Adrian Thoen as guests at Gauntlet Con as it rushes ever closer!

Todd Nicholas is a game designer and co-owner of Wheel Tree Press. His games include The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power and Time Cellist.

During Gauntlet Con, Todd will be running The Sword, The Crown, and The Unspeakable Power.


Adrian Thoen is a lover of RPGs that focus on tense, theme-based choices and consequences. Designer of Impulse Drive.

During Gauntlet Con, Adrian will be running Impulse Drive.

Gauntlet Con is just under two weeks away, so be sure to get yourself registered if you haven’t already, and check out more of out lovely, talented guests at the website!

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