Can I get help with an accessibility check-up?

Can I get help with an accessibility check-up?

Can I get help with an accessibility check-up?

I’m completely blind and use a screen reader to use the computer. Screen readers don’t play well with some software, and I’d like to make sure that it works well with all the tools you guys use here in the games.

I can think of two ways for verifying this:

– A list of the tools you guys use in the games

– A very brief one-on-one or something where I get to test-drive those tools

I’d really appreciate any help.


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  1. I would be interested in helping this initiative! What would be the best way to talk? When are you available? Can you tell me a bit about your experience so far?

  2. The two most common tools used are:

    1. Google Sheets, used for keeping track of character info (instead of paper character sheets). Here’s a sample one from a game of The Warren, though they can vary considerably depending on the game and who constructed the sheet: – Copy of Play Sheet

    2. For dice mechanics, we mostly use

    I’d be interested to hear how accessible these are, so that we can improve on things.

  3. Asher Silberman I’m available in evenings, and I’m in the Central Europe Timezone (CET). I’m fine with g+, Skype, WhatsApp, or pretty much whatever works for you. I have a lot of experience playing text-based games like MUDs or MUSHes and so on, none that is played in real-time over voice/video. I also have some experience running and playing in games in-person in the PBTA system.

  4. However, if the Roll for Your Party isn’t available, nearly all GMs don’t have an issue if you roll in your preferred way (physical version for the visually impaired or another dice roller app that works for you).

    Custom dice or cards for some games may be an issue, but can be addressed on a case by case basis.

  5. Okay, so Google Sheets is accessible, but it’s just a spreadsheet, so if the layout doesn’t make sense to me, I guess I can clear it up with the MC/GM beforehand. is not that accessible, but at least it’s open-source. If I get around to it, I can fix the code to make it more accessible, and if not, I can write my own dice roller in the Go programming language just like that server. I’ll try this version in the first game to see how hard/easy it is, and then I’ll see if I can make things better.

    I really appreciate the help, the information and the ideas and reassurances. Thanks for not making me feel like I’m putting a burden on the GM/MC. 🙂

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