5 thoughts on “History of Licensed RPGs (Part IV 1990-92)”

  1. Beautiful Amber Diceless RPG. So glad that you posted about it, Lowell Francis. I’ve played and run Amber off and on since 1992. Ran one Amber game for about 10 years. Many other shorter campaigns and at cons, including AmberCon US. Such a fun community. Even did five issues of a zine called Shadow Eclipse. I own but have yet to play or run LoGaS. I’m scheduled to run a long con over this weekend at a local convention. So 3 3-hour sessions Friday-Sunday. Should be fun!

  2. I remember being so biased against it while in college. We were playing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Stormbringer, and the only other group we knew of was playing Amber. They tried to explain it to us but at the time I was like, “This game is from The Future and makes no sense.” Really too bad, would have been cool to try it.

  3. I played a LOT of Amber DRPG in the late ’90s. I mostly liked the system, even though I was never a huge fan of the books. I found that ADRPG got a bit too cosmically weird for my tastes—especially as the PCs were effectively godlike beings.

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