This past weekend…

This past weekend…

This past weekend…

Friday Night

I played Demigods PbtA run by Jason Mills (the designer) for me and my buddies chris norwood and Candida Norwood. I find mythology fascinating and have bought and looked through several RPGs about this subject. I really enjoyed the Godbound+Scion hack Lowell Francis ran a couple years ago, but there’s something especially compelling about Jason Mills’ game! I’m playing a son of Dionysus who “totally gets” that his dad is problematic. Farren (my PC) is naturally gifted at partying and always seems to have a drink in his hand, but in this last session, for some reason, I discovered that when a girl actually shows interest in him, he has no idea how to handle it! That was fun.

Saturday Morning

I ran the second of three sessions of Hunt the Wicked, a bounty hunter game by Ben Dutter for my Star Wars Saturdays living campaign. The players, Michael G. Barford, steven watkins, and Joe Zantek, really embodied their fascinating characters. We had a shocking revelation, a space battle with ARC 170s and their ship, The Hornet, a stand-off, some Die Harding that ended with a garotting, and it ended with a big explosion cliffhanger!

Saturday Evening

Michael G. Barford ran the most recent playtest version of mecha RPG All Systems Nominla by Kyle Thompson for me, Darren Brockes, David LaFreniere, and Gauntlet newcomer Del Benjamin. We mopped up some farmers in mediocre mechs, gave our employer a “talking to” (this was surprisingly cathartic for me!), and decided to head off on a direct course for the awful corporation who put those poor farmers in the mechs. I cannot wait to punch those corporate a-holes in their noses!

Sunday Morning

Lowell Francis kicked off his new month’s series of the wonderful wuja RPG Hearts of Wulin. Players were Darren Brockes, Auzumel S, and Patrick Knowles. I continued playing Zheng, my Loyal swordsman, who was completely full of venomous hurt for Darren’s thief and tried his best to protect Sherri’s investigator without her realizing it.

Sunday Afternoon

I ran Masks Halcyon City for the Intercontinental Group of Awesome ( Alex Prinz, Jan van Zon, Jennifer Kitzman, and Paul Edson ). Viridian and Ashley Banner (secret ID of Seraph) played their first music gig with their high school band, Teenage Gerbil Uprising, a former foe showed up again to attack them, but they realize in the fight that he’s being controlled by another enemy, the shame of Armature. And the humongous Atlas was tempted by a magic weapon.

Saturday Evening

Tyler Lominack picked up his campaign of Fellowship because I begged him to run it some more. Patrick Knowles, James Ryan, and Jesse Crisp-Sears joined up for the reunion of our epic PCs and we fought undead giants!

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