Kia ora koutou!

Kia ora koutou!

Kia ora koutou!! Today is the first official day of Gauntlet Con and we have just a couple more fantastic guests to celebrate as we kick off, so I appreciate you bearing with me! We are so very pleased to have Julien Pouard, Jennifer Adcock, Jeremy Strandberg, and Katriel Page this year at Gauntlet Con!

Julien Pouard is definitely multiclassed : podcaster and game designer by night, teacher by day, and baking pastry in between. He lives in Paris suburb, France and often blesses the long commute that lets him daydream and work on his games. In June 2017 he self-published his first game (De Mauvais Rêves , about bad dreams) and is working on publishing a collection of hacks for the game later this year.

During Gauntlet Con, Julien will be running Standing Watch.


Jennifer Adcock is an RPG designer, prose fiction writer, and blogger from Buffalo, NY. She believes in story above all, and has written for games as varied as Dungeons and Dragons, Costume Fairy Adventures, and Fiasco. She loves to introduce new gamers and long-timers alike to the wide world of indie games. You can support her work here:

During Gauntlet Con, Jennifer will be running D&D 5e: CLERIC CON LXXVII, and Costume Fairy Adventures: Swan Lark.


Jeremy thinks way, way too much about Dungeon World and is endlessly working on his “hearth fantasy” DW hack, Stonetop. You can find him in the Dungeon World Tavern on G+ or at He lives in Madison, WI.

Jeremy will be running a three-part Stonetop series at Gauntlet Con.


Katriel Paige tried playing D&D and roleplaying games in the 90s, but kept getting pushed away from the table. However, they never lost the passion for creating stories, and resumed playing in 2003 with D&D 3.5. Now, they play D&D 5e, have helped to copyedit the Emerald Spire Superdungeon (Pathfinder), and have most recently freelanced for Onyx Path (Night Horrors: the Tormented and Dystopia Rising: Evolution, as of now upcoming) and written a short story set in Freeport for Nisaba Press (as of now, upcoming).

During Gauntlet Con, Katriel will be running Chronicles of Darkness.

Please check out more information on our other guests on the Gauntlet Con website!

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