The Gauntlet Forums

The Gauntlet Forums

The Gauntlet Forums

Ever since Google announced the closure of G+, folks have been wondering where The Gauntlet would go. Today I am delighted to let you know the answer:

The Gauntlet Forums!

Shane Liebling and a bunch of other awesome folks have been hustling to get the forums finished in time for the (accelerated) closure of G+, and they are now ready for you to join at the link below!

Please read the intro message, particularly the FAQ and the Inclusivity Policy. All the values we built this community with will transfer over to the forums.

Once you’re all set up, start interacting with posts so you can raise your trust levels. Keep an eye on the Announcements section, which is where we will post new podcast episodes, contests, Gauntlet Con info and other official business. RPG Chat and Game Design is where I expect most people to hang out. And Gauntlet Hangouts is where we will be announcing new games on our calendar.

We have archived this G+ Community so we can access its content whenever we need to. G+ was good to us, and we’re sad to see it go, but we’re ready for the move.

So, please, do come join us at the new home of The Gauntlet!

9 thoughts on “The Gauntlet Forums”

  1. “Primary email is not allowed from that email provider.”

    I guess I should tone it down. But, it does aggravate me greatly when some sites view my e-mail provider as just a haven for spammers and decides to block the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of legitimate users.

  2. Jason Cordova Thanks for the kind words on Until Dawn in the unknown games thread.

    If you liked it you might want to check out OKULT as well, in many ways Until Dawn is the shambling prototype for what later became OKULT. It is also a horror game with young protagonists.

  3. Here’s the deal re: email addresses – certain providers go straight to banning IP addresses after they get some spam from an IP address. Our email provider (MailGun) sometimes has been abused for spam purposes but in general is a well regarded bulk mail provider. They only have so many IP addresses they can send mail from. In theory we can request our mail to be sent from a different IP address, but eventually a crappy spammer will abuse MailGun and those quick-to-ban email providers will just ban that IP address and move on. As such it is easier for us to just let people know ahead of time of the problem. If you want to get the email notifications I would recommend creating a gmail account, use that to set up your account, and then configure the gmail account to forward all mail to your primary account. – Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account – Gmail Help

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