Kia ora~~!

Kia ora~~!

Kia ora~~! Just me again letting you know that we’re super excited to have Jim Dagg and Rach Shelkey as guests at this year’s Gauntlet Con!

Jim Dagg of Saddle Shaped Games is an indie RPG designer based in Dayton, Ohio. His work focuses on positivity and empowerment, and the hope that the right people in the right place can be the force for good we need. His previous work includes Just Got Real, a zero-prep game about action heroes, and Battle Princess (published as part of the charity anthology Two Weeks), a game starring adventurous young princesses who lead the realm and its citizens from the front.

During Gauntlet Con, Jim will be running Retrievers and Swords Without Master.


Rach Shelkey is a game designer, writer and podcaster from Toronto. Her love of tabletop gaming comes from a lifelong fascination with experimental media and culture. You can hear her thoughts on gaming as a host of +1 Forward: A Podcast Powered by the Apocalypse. Rach is one of the organizers of Breakout Gaming Convention and her design work has been featured in The Sprawl: November Metric, Golden Sky Stories: Twilight Tales and Codex.

During Gauntlet Con, Rach will be running Golden Sky Stories.

For more information on registering and to check out our lovely guests, please visit the Gauntlet Con website!