Hello again all you lovely people!

Hello again all you lovely people!

Hello again all you lovely people! We’re so very fortunate to have Christopher Grey and Stentor Danielson as guests at Gauntlet Con this year!

Christopher Grey is a tabletop roleplaying game designer, publisher, author, and marketer. His work spans from fantasy and science fiction, to alternative history, supernatural, and conspiracies. He published the Border Kingdoms Fallen Dungeons & Dragons adventures on DM’s Guild, was lead writer for 2CGaming’s Lion’s Vault adventure path for 5th Edition, and successfully Kickstarted The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth, a satirical horror Powered by the Apocalypse game.

During Gauntlet Con, Christopher will be running the Great American Novel: A Roleplaying Game.


Stentor Danielson is a kitten wrangler, map maker, and environmental studies teacher living in Pittsburgh. Along with Cheyenne Grimes they co-own Glittercats Fine Amusements, publisher of Laser Kittens and other games.

During Gauntlet Con, Stentor will be running Cat-pocalypse World.

Please check out the Gauntlet Con website to register and to check out more amazing guests! http://www.gauntlet-rpg.com/gauntlet-con.html

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