Greetings, all.

Greetings, all.

Greetings, all. It’s time for the weekly Gauntlet video roundup! Don’t miss any of the great new actual plays from this week in the updated playlists below!

Comic Strip AP

– Burning Wheel episode 6 with Judd Karlman and Richard Rogers:

– Dungeon World: Alford Soultaker with Oli Jeffery and Robert Bullen:

Pocket-Sized Play

– Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls episode 10 with Jason Cordova, Fraser Simons, Kevin Lovecraft, Phillip Wessels, and Yoshi Creelman:

Gauntlet Hangouts

– Dungeon World Sunday – We Hunt the Keepers – session 4 (the final session!) of Children of the Eight-Legged She:

Gauntlet City Limits

– Richard Rogers specially shared his two sessions of Dawg for Gauntlet City Limits with players Tyler Lominack, Patrick Knowles, Gerrit Reininghaus, and Paul Edson:

Check out all the great videos on The Gauntlet’s YouTube channel, linked below on this post. Don’t forget to subscribe, and check out all the playlists to catch up on your favorite campaigns. Enjoy, and everyone have a great weekend!

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