Greetings, all.

Greetings, all.

Greetings, all. It’s time for the weekly Gauntlet video roundup! Don’t miss any of the great new actual plays from this week in the updated playlists below!

One Shots

– Special one shot of Hannah Shaffer’s Damn the Man, Save the Music! run by Evan Rowland with players David LaFreniere, Dylan Ross, Gerrit Reininghaus, and Jason Cordova:

Pocket-Sized Play

– Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls episodes 7 and 8 with Jason Cordova, Fraser Simons, Kevin Lovecraft, Phillip Wessels, and Yoshi Creelman:

Comic Strip AP

– Monster of the Week: The Lombardi School episode 14 (the penultimate episode!) with Jason Cordova and Tom McGrenery:

– Dogs in the Vineyard episode 18 with Tim B and Noah Jay-Bonn:

Gauntlet Hangouts

– Dungeon World Sunday – We Hunt the Keepers – the first two sessions of Children of the Eight-Legged She are up:

– New Hangouts videos for Monsterhearts – Mercy Falls:

Check out all the great videos on The Gauntlet’s YouTube channel, linked below to this post. Don’t forget to subscribe, and check out all the playlists to catch up on your favorite campaigns. Everyone have a great weekend, and don’t forget to celebrate; tomorrow is Free RPG Day!

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