Greetings, all.

Greetings, all.

Greetings, all. It’s time for the weekly Gauntlet video roundup! Don’t miss any of the great actual plays from this past week.

Comic Strip AP

– Monster of the Week: The Lombardi School Episode 13 with Jason Cordova and Tom McGrenery:

– The Burning Wheel Episode 5 with Judd Karlman and Richard Rogers:

– Dungeon World: Alford Soultaker Episode 4 with Oli Jeffery and Robert Bullen:

Gauntlet Hangouts

Check out these playlists for some of the latest and greatest from Gauntlet Hangouts!

– Jason Cordova’s Dungeon World: We Hunt the Keepers, now featuring the complete run of Song of the Milk-White Putrescence:

– Lowell Francis’ TGI Thursday, now featuring Grimm:

– Richard Rogers’ Saturday Morning Cartoons Apocalypse World Extended:

Check out all the great videos on The Gauntlet’s YouTube channel linked in this post. Check out the playlists for convenient viewing, and don’t forget to subscribe! Enjoy, and everyone have a great weekend!

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