Adventures in Six Year Old GMing

Adventures in Six Year Old GMing

Adventures in Six Year Old GMing

Today my son killed my longtime character, The Greatest Fighter, in a pretty metal fashion and I thought I would share through greentext. (Probably not a coincidence that this happened immediately after a game in which I almost killed RR. It was their first near-death and first last breath roll).

>One six-year old = GM (GM)

>Other six-year old = Rain, the Ranger (RR)

>Me = The Greatest Fighter, the Fighter (GF)

>King announces army of Dune-sized worms approaching

>GF and RR rush out to meet army

>GF is swallowed whole, fails to cut himself out

>RR somehow fries the worm turning its bones to metal

>GF can’t get out through the metal bones

>GM: “Roll to get pooped out of the worm!”

>GF: 12

>GM: “Full success! You are pooped out of the worm.”

>GF: (swells with fatherly pride)

>RR is swatted by a worm and is launched up in the air

>GF desperately tries to figure out a way to slow the fall

>GM clarifies that RR is being knocked up into outer space

>RR ties rope to arrow and shoots it at GF

>GF tries to catch rope to stop RR from flying to outer space

>GF: 2

>RR shoots GF in leg, dragging GF out into space too

>GF and RR attempt to figure out way to survive in space

>GM: “You are freezing, what do you do?”

>GF: “I have a space suit in my pocket?”

>GM: “Roll.”

>GF: 4

>GM: “RR steals your spacesuit. The worm army is flying up into space to kill you.”

>RR shoots a worm, killing it.

>GF attempts to cut his way into space worm for warmth

>GF: 5

>GM: “The space worm spits lava at you.”

>GF: “I try to dodge the lava, but stay close enough to it that it warms me up.”

>GF: 3

>GM: “The lava hits you. You die.”

>GF: “No, I get to roll Last Breath.”

>GF: 6

>GM: “You die.”

>GF: “… Can I play as RR’s pet baby blue dragon?”

>RR+GM: “Yes!”

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