Pocket-Sized Play is back!

Pocket-Sized Play is back!

Pocket-Sized Play is back!

To celebrate 200 Patrons, we’re re-launching Pocket-Sized Play!

The first series is Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls. The participants are myself, Fraser Simons, Yoshi Creelman, Kevin Lovecraft and Phillip Wessels.

Monsterhearts: Mercy Falls is eleven total episodes, each around 30 minutes in length. We’re going to release one episode per day on the Patreon feed. For non-Patrons, the episodes will be released weekly through the Pocket-Sized Play podcast stream and our website (the first one is linked below).

Big thanks go to Fraser, who not only had the idea for this PSP relaunch, but who also edited the original Hangouts sessions from which the audio is taken.

Our main goal here is to not only entertain you, but to give you a glimpse into the Gauntlet’s play culture. We hope you find a lot in these sessions you can use in your own games.


(And thanks to everyone who helped us hit our 200 Patron milestone!)


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